7 Creative New Year Marketing Ideas

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The best marketing ideas all have one thing in common — they do significantly more than just promoting a brand, service, or product. The marketing campaigns have the greatest effect on the business, the world at large, and our place in it. Directing your creative energy into your marketing efforts can assist your business with attracting more attention from clients and leads. The following are seven creative marketing ideas in 2022.

1. Update and Optimize Your Website Regularly

We’ve said it previously and we’ll say it multiple times again: your site is the reinforcement of your digital marketing. Upgrading and optimizing your site should happen essentially on a yearly premise. Ideally, you should be looking at your site framework, content, and usability on a quarterly premise to keep up-to-date with what your leads are searching for. These updates can incorporate upgrading your site for search engine traffic based on new keywords, gaining from user data to improve conversion flow, and optimizing product or service content to give the most reliable data to leads.


Far too regularly we see organizations who deal with their site like a brochure — once it’s printed, nothing can be changed until another is made a couple of years later. This isn’t the way websites should work. Your website should be intended to be easily updated by either developers or the marketing team. While you need to keep the overall design and voice reliable across your site, powerful advertisers are continually distributing new content and improving website performance for ranking on search engines.

2. Heat-Mapping to Collect User Data

There are a few things more impressive for your marketing than knowing how your site visitors are utilizing your site. Having user information promptly accessible or easily gathered when you are creating a marketing campaign permits you to more precisely give your clients the data they’re looking for.

By adding heat-mapping software like Hotjar to your site, you can begin to get insights into how far your visitors are scrolling down on each page (across gadget types), where they’re clicking, and get a more clear picture of their excursion on your site.

3. Customize Your Messaging

Customers do not care about you.

They care about themselves and the issues that they’re trying to fix. They do not care about how you help others or what you are doing for your business. They care regarding how you can help them, their organization, or their industry. That is the reason personalization is a higher priority than ever.

Personalization allows you to consolidate client information from tracking that includes details like name, company name, content viewed, and so forth into your messaging. Many advertising platforms empower this functionality. Our most loved is HubSpot Marketing Hub, however, a fast Google search of your platform will probably inform you if personalization functionality exists.

Most organizations have started personalization with outreach opportunities like email marketing, but would you be able to take that considerably further? Start customizing the full insight for your prospects and clients. By completely embracing personalization, you can make an encounter that feels exceptional and explicit to your client. This can go further than simply adding their first name. This is the way you can take personalization to a higher level.

4. Use Chatbots to Help Visitors Find Resources

The way that we as customers use sites has changed drastically. We no longer look around a site to find what we need. It takes excessively long and gets disappointing. That is the reason we’ve turned to chat and chatbots. An ever-increasing number of customers are turning to chat now when visiting a site to find the answers that they’re searching for.

While live chat is truly realistic during business hours, a chatbot is accessible 24/7 365 days per year. By fostering a solid chatbot that accumulates any data or info that you want while giving data, education, or direction to help the client find the thing they’re searching for can be amazingly effective.

5. Pull Back the Curtain With Social Media

The internet has changed how brands interact with clients. Especially with social media, where brands can have direct interactions with clients and leads, the messaging behind your communication can immensely affect whether any social channels assist with supporting your marketing.

Social media is one of the most effective ways to show your brand legitimacy because it removes the marketing mediator. Posting images and sharing stories makes clients feel like they’re getting a genuine feeling of what continues in the background. It also allows you to respond to customers’ comments continuously, and it offers your business a chance to talk directly with clients and leads.

social media

With a credible methodology, you’ll engage with your clients while never causing them to feel like they’re being advertised to. Pulling back the curtain on your business and showing your human side can assist you with developing trust. And remember, except if you’re utilizing paid social media marketing to market products or services, your social media presence should focus more on building a community and your brand than selling something.

6. Repurpose Content

One major prospect any business has is to evaluate all the content you own and find new and fun ways of utilizing it. Have you written a blog that got a great deal of traction? Make it into a video! Break it up and share it in pieces through social media! Update it for the next year!

You probably have a gold mine of content that is simply imploring you to repurpose it into new formats. You don’t need to invest a huge load of energy reproducing the wheel, simply invest in some opportunity to find better approaches to get your current content under the control of your target personas. This can be particularly significant for associations that have made content previously but don’t have the time or support to distribute fresh new content frequently.

7. Customized 1:1 Video

We are so amped up for the evolution of one-to-one video. There is a great deal of extremely cool things coming from organizations like HubSpot and Vidyard around utilizing video to engage the target audience and prospects to you using customized videos. We have started involving them at HIVE for some account-based advertising! We’re getting reactions very quickly and our possibilities are loving them!

Video dominates our consideration today anytime, however why stop there? By utilizing personalization in your video, you can acquire more attention regarding your videos and guarantee that your prospects watch the entire video!

Need To Improve Your Marketing Strategy? Start with your Website

Depending on the abilities of your marketing team, a lot of marketing ideas shared here may be more reasonable to execute than others. If you want to choose the best tip to execute your marketing in 2022, we suggest: Update and Optimize Your Website Regularly. There are always chances to increase your online presence and this is one area of marketing where we frequently see the fastest and longest-lasting returns. A revamped site is the establishment for any marketing effort you’re making in 2022, which implies that if your site isn’t in top shape you are missing out on attention from leads and clients.

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